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» WP-Cumulus and the problem with unclickable links

Posted by Kasper Tidemann on Friday 19th of February 2010 06:24:21 PM

Roy Tanck has developed a plugin for showing WordPress tag clouds called WP-Cumulus. It’s a great plugin that’s also usable in contexts outside WordPress, and Roy Tanck has generously provided his source code as open source for the world to enjoy – respect.

However, you may experience a problem with the links in the tag cloud not being clickable. They are shown alright, but when you hover the cursor above the links, no boxes are shown and no links are clickable.

Now, this is because the hrefs of the links are defined as relative paths such as <a href=”/hello/world”>My tag cloud link</a>. If you change your paths to be absolute, say, <a href=”http://www.meeho.net/hello/world”>My tag cloud link</a>, then the links in the tag cloud will be clickable again – problem solved!


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